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Bursaries and Scholarships


St Andrew’s College

Bursaries and Scholarships

St Andrew’s College is committed to playing a significant role in forming leaders that can take their rightful place in the wider society. Access to education is often limited, not by ability, but by financial resources. The leadership at St Andrew’s College has made the provision of funding for previously disadvantaged students who come from local, low-income families a priority.

St Andrew’s College enjoys an excellent track record of giving boys, who show academic and leadership potential, the opportunity of an outstanding education. St Andrew’s College is supporting more than 30% of our scholars to the value of R13,5m.

Your support of our Bursaries and Scholarships Programme will make an enormous difference to communities in the Eastern Cape. We are so indebted to a multitude of Old Andreans, Old Preppies, parents, trustees, organisations and friends who, over the years, have donated so generously and continue to support our Bursaries and Scholarships Programme.  


Our list of Bursaries and Scholarships include:

Named awards supported by endowed funds


Boxer Scholarship

Cyril Houghton Scholarship

HW Blackburn Scholarship

Duthie Memorial Scholarship

Sir Henry Strakosch Memorial Trust Scholarship

St Andrew’s College Scholarship



St Andrew’s College Foundation Trust Bursary

George Walker Will Bursary

WEM Foundation Bursary

Standard Bank Bursary

David Hodgson Bursary

Jubilee Bursary

Mary Carson Bursary

Still Gosnell Bursary

OCD Moodie Bursary

Geoff Bryant Memorial Bursary

Mark Wood Bursary

Clapham Bursary

Mary Mullins Bursary

Axel Ohlsson Trust Bursary

Named awards supported by generous donors


Reverend William Philip Scholarship

Sao Foundation Scholarship

The Macozoma Scholarship



MWS Trust Bursary

The Ludwe Titus Bursary

The Steve Nicol Bursary

HBST Bursary

Tafika Trust Bursary

Named awards supported by our educational partners


Investec Port Elizabeth Bursary



Words of Thanks from our Pupils

The Annual Impact Report



You don’t have to start big, but you must start early in your career, giving something back – time, a little money, ideas.  When you can afford something larger, give more, give till it hurts a bit – then you’ll know you said thank you to College loud enough.

~ Benefactor to St Andrew’s College