Leen Remmelzwaal’s(Mullins 2004) COVID-19 dashboard expands globally!

When confronted with crisis, it is often the simple solutions that resonate most deeply with people. Leen Remmelzwaal, a PhD candidate in computational neuroscience at the University of Cape Town (UCT), discovered this first-hand when a dashboard he designed to offer South Africans a comprehensive overview of the latest coronavirus statistics started gaining international traction.

Born out of a personal need for a deeper understanding of how the virus was developing in South Africa, Remmelzwaal’s project started as a humble Excel spreadsheet logging COVID-19 case numbers, which he shared with family and friends.


  • “With the privilege of a great education comes the responsibility to use it wisely. With I strive to visualize official COVID-19 data in a clear and meaningful way, making it accessible to many South Africans.”