Guy William Holmes Nicolson MC (1895 – 1964)

Guy William Holmes Nicolson MC (1895 – 1964)
Armstrong 1910 – 1914
Guy Nicolson was a man of incredible humility, intellect and courage. He had the exceptional qualities of being both a talented sportsman and gifted musician.
Whether it was leading an orchestra in the appalling conditions of a prisoner of war camp during the Second World War or founding a school to educate young minds, his calling was to give of himself to others, the upliftment of his fellow man.
At College he was a renowned musician, playing the violin in Chapel every week of his school career. He captained the 1st XV and played cricket for the first XI – he received colours for both sports.
He was a prefect and Head boy in his post Matric year, leaving early to go to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. At Oxford he joined to the likes of Bevil Rudd and FJ Oliver, fellow Andreans and firm friends. Together they started the UK Old Andreans Club at Oxford in 1919.
Nicolson was a founding member of the Ridge Preparatory School and together with his good friend Ronald Currey (Upper 1909 – 1913, he would later become 10th Headmaster of St Andrew’s College) they established the The Ridge as one of the leading boys preparatory schools. Nicolson was succeed by his son John in 1959 but remained devoted to the school his whole life.
Guy Nicolson passed away on the 8 August 1964 coincidentally the anniversary of the Founding of the school. He left behind an indelible legacy that exists to this day.
Guy’s son, John Nicolson (Armstrong 1948) put together 2 videos showcasing Guy’s wartime achievements – have a look at it here: