Chapel Windows restoration

Over the past three weeks, a professional team has been renovating more of the chapel’s stained-glass windows. The lead in the windows was showing signs of oxidising (cracks), the putty had dried out and the outer wooden frames (to protect the windows) were now becoming brittle.

The restorers closed up holes in some of the stonework and patched the windows with a linseed oil-based putty to waterproof and revive the old putty. There were big cracks around the west-facing windows which they have filled with a specialised grout on the advice of an engineer and they have replaced the old wooden frames with toughened glass.

View of west-facing windows:

Before After

Bright colourful borders can now be seen on many of the stained-glass windows, as can be seen by the image below.

Pre-restoration Renovated window

We are delighted with the outcome which will ensure the longevity of these precious windows.

Our grateful thanks to the OA Club for their contribution towards this project.