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Mullins House 
Centenary Enhancements

Situated some distance from the centre of the campus and known as ‘The Republic of Mullins’, Mullins House has been home to over 1500 boys for one hundred years. The Mullins House / Knowling Field precinct of the campus has enjoyed several wonderful recent developments all of which have contributed to the upliftment of this part of campus, and to Mullins House. The recent installation of flood lights on Knowling Field is poised to accommodate some entertaining evenings of sport fixtures in future, while the development of the Climbing Gym in the old Mullins House squash court adds a whole new focus to sporting opportunities at College. In addition, the House has received a much-needed coat of paint.   

The various Mullins House Centenary Enhancement Projects.

Completed Mullins House Centenary Enhancement Projects

The new flood lights on Knowling Field will allow for night games to take place.


The newly renovated squash court is now a state-of-the-art Climbing Centre.


The new palisade fence around the Mullins House precinct.



Mullins House Centenary Fund

To commemorate the Centenary and to offer Old Andreans and parents of Mullins House boys the opportunity to contribute to the centenary enhancements and to ‘Leave Your Mark at Mullins House, the Mullins House Centenary Fund was officially launched in 2021. To complete the beautification and upliftment of the Mullins House precinct on campus, tennis court will be upgraded to multi-use facility.

Upgrade of the Mullins House tennis court
Council gave approval for the Mullins House tennis court to be built in 1920 using £110 from the income from the tuck shop.  In 1973 John Axe, in his capacity as Housemaster of Mullins, raised money for the Arthur Knowling Tennis Court to be resurfaced.

Numerous Mullins and Espin boys have enjoyed the use of tennis courts adjacent to their houses. After the recent successful upgrade of the Espin House tennis court in to multi-use facility, it is now the turn for the current Mullins House boys to enjoy a similar facility. The tennis court will be upgraded with an appropriate surface on which markings for basketball, hockey/football and cricket will be presented. New galvanized and fencing and wooden poles will be erected around the court.

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