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The Forgotten Feast by MICHAEL ARNOLD

Michael Arnold (“Geoff”), who taught at College from 1965 to 1993, has just published his first book at the age of 72!

There have been many books on grace, but not many that anchor it to covenant in a systematic examination of Scripture.  But which covenant?  And in which one are we living?  Old or New?

In this book you will discover:  why grace is best understood in the context of covenant, why it is imperative to “give away grace”, why we tend to go back to law and self-effort, why the Feast of Unleavened Bread is so important and why holiness and grace go hand in hand.

“I wrote the first draft in 1993 so I hope the second book is quicker.  Seriously, I loved my time at College teaching English, Latin, French and Greek (if I could find a pupil!), coaching cricket, hockey and rugby, directing plays and taking societies.  But I’m most grateful for the fact that it was at College that I came to real faith through three of my own  Matric pupils. I then took Divinity classes for many years.  This journey finally resulted in ordination,  school chaplaincy and a book!”

The Forgotten Feast and the Covenant of Grace is published by Vineyard International.  It is available from Karmal Books Online or by contacting Michael at

The Forgotten Feast