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Arabella, the Moon & the Magic Mongongo Nut by HAMILTON WENDE (Armstrong 1979)

I can promise that disaster will befall you.”

Arabella is a typical eleven year old girl growing up in the suburbs of Johannesburg: she loves her family and friends, hates homework, and spends her summer days dreaming in the garden.

Then her father dies, and it seems that Arabella will never know happiness or magic again.

Khanyi the mealie lady and her little monkey Zuzi reintroduce Arabella to the world of magic and a tribe of magical creatures who live in her garden when they give Arabella a magic mongongo nut that has the power to change the world. But when Arabella encounters the enchanted Book of Echoes and it convinces her that it could help her change the past, Arabella is drawn into a fearsome battle over the magic mongongo nut.

Torn between the forces of good and evil, is Arabella brave and strong enough to save the world from the evil King Ozymandias and his troop of hadedas?

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Arabella, the Moon & the Magic Mongongo Nut