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A Passion Runs Through It by CHRISTOPHER MAXWELL (Armstrong, 2006)

How wonderful to have a young Old Andrean take on the challenge of producing a book! Two and half years of research, interviews and questionnaires, A Passion Runs Through It is a soft-cover 150 page book containing 53 photographs, and highlights the best of College Rugby. A St Andrew’s College Rugby Story is a story for any boy who dreams of pulling that 1st team rugby jersey over his head. It for the boys of St Andrew’s, past and present, who played rugby with pride and passion. A Passion Runs Through it documents the origin of rugby at St Andrew’s which played a big part in the origin of the sport in the Eastern Cape and South Africa. Weaving through the years, it explores the developments made during its history whilst giving full praise to the times when ‘College Rugby’ was on a high.

To purchase a copy at R95 incl VAT and postage, contact Chris at

A Passion Runs Through It